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How much to join?

We offer a variety of membership subscriptions, depending on how often you would like to play:

Full Playing Membership – $300
Gets you all the “bells and whistles” including”

  • Full playing rights
  • Participation in Club competitions
  • Able to represent the Club at outside competitions
  • Voting rights
  • Full social privileges
  • PLUS! Introductory special of $150 for the first year…. That’s half the cost of a cup of coffee per week to play year-round – outdoor and indoor.

Life Membership

  • Full Membership rights
  • Awarded to Members who have made a significant contribution to the Club over the years.

Limited Membership – $110

  • May play any one day of the week
  • Social privileges

Associate Membership – $110

  • Open to members of another Affiliated bowling club
  • Cannot play in KBC trophy matches or represent KBC at competitions
  • Social privileges

Student Membership – $50

  • As of 1st June, in any year must be 12-18 years of age
  • Same playing rights and privileges as a Full Playing Member

Social Members $40

  • Social Privileges

Membership application form

Complete the Membership Application form online or download a copy here, complete and return to the Club.