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Friendly, inclusive and supportive… that’s Kohi Bowling Club.

Our key goal is to provide an environment which is welcoming and a fun place to play and enjoy the company of a diverse group of great people.

Over 70% of our members are juniors – having played the game for less than five years. That means we’re geared up to coach and develop our members to help them become the best they want to be. Alternatively, if you’re not super competitive and are just looking for a great social time and making new friendships, there are plenty of members who feel the same.

We have five coaches covering all levels plus a high-performance programme to take you to championship level if that’s where you see yourself and are prepared to put in the time.

You can play as often as you like as we have organized events for most days of the week.  We have working [40%+] as well as retired Members, each of whom have their own needs.  We strive to have events running during and after work hours to cater for everyone.

The play between seniors and juniors is seamless.  Other than competitions designed specifically for juniors, we all play with and against each other. All of our events include a mixture of experienced and novice players to help develop the later.  Some of our best players are juniors, so there’s no hesitation from our seniors inviting juniors to play with them.  

Whatever your aspirations re the game of lawn bowls, Kohi Bowling Club is the place to join.