Coaching you to success
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Coaching you to success

With five qualified coaches we can take you through….

  • The basics of how to hold a bowl, shot weight and aiming to produce a sound delivery
  • Becoming a useful team member
  • Learning how to pull off some pretty amazing shots
  • The roles and skills needed to be a good Lead, 2nd/3rd or Skip
  • The rules of bowls and good bowls etiquette
  • What to do when you’re up for your first tournament

There are coaching sessions, squads and workshops to meet all your needs.  If you can’t find the right one, call one of our qualified coaches for FREE one-on-one sessions.  They will work alongside you to develop your skills, techniques, and strategies enabling you appreciate why bowls is such a compelling sport.  If you’re looking at high-performance coaching then there is a nominal charge for these group sessions.