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Definition of a Junior [1-5 Year bowler]

  • The definition of a 1-5 Year bowler [previously known as a Junior player] is a playing member who does not exceed a total of five years.  On 1 September of each year the 1-5 Year status clicks over.
  • A new member joining a club on or between 1 April to 31 August is classified as a J0 bowler. 
  • A new member joining a club between 1 September to 31 March will be classified as a J1 bowler.
  • Only full playing members can play in the 1-5 Year championships.
  • A bowler can join the Winter Coaching programme and take part in ABCA’s Canoe & Campi events without being a member of any membership category of a bowling club.
  • Only members [as defined in the Conditions of Play] can play WinterClub.
  • The 1-5 Year definition applies to bowlers arriving from overseas who are or have been a member of a bowling club.  The year status will be determined by the length of time the bowler has been a member of their previous club or clubs.