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Here’s where you will find everything you need to know to play in competitions and just generally get involved at our club.

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Club Updates

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Kohi Juniors’ League

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Write Bias

The monthly Club email, Write Bias, will keep you up to date on entries closing, tournaments and news of our membership, local clubs and Auckland Bowls.

Write Bias Feb/March 2019

Write Bias Nov/Dec 2018

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As with many clubs, volunteers are the backbone of our sport. Please be appreciative of their efforts. And if there is any way you can help when not “on the green”, the club is pleased to welcome you as a volunteer.

Don’t be shy!  Your skills and experiences outside of bowls are likely to be of huge value. Accountant or bookkeeper? Photographer? Copywriter or journalist? Good with web and social media? Gardener or florist? Handy with maintenance, or handy with people and outreach? Photography?

Let us know what you do, what your hobbies and interests are.  Thank you! 

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Here are some links to sites that may be useful while you are a member of our club:

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How are you enjoying being a member?

We want Kohimarama Bowling Club to be the best, but for that we need your honest feedback. It’s quick and easy (and anonymous) for you to share your thoughts here.

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