Get Rolling – Level 3 access to Kohi greens for Club Members from 6 October

4 October 2021

At last, from Wednesday morning !

For those of us itching to get back onto the rinks, we’re ready to roll, albeit with some restrictions.

It is important that every person using the club greens meets our responsibilities under the Covid-19 restrictions, and your use of the greens denotes your agreement with these provisions.  This means:

  1. Access is for KBC members only
  2. There will be NO access to clubrooms, toilets and equipment shed.
  3. Every person is responsible for using their Tracer App and ensuring that they log in each visit to the greens.  This is a legal imperative. We regret that because there is no access to the Clubrooms, only those using the App will be able to play.
  4. Players must bring their own hand sanitiser, and jack and mat ( we suggest a tennis or golf ball, and perhaps a teatowel for the mat.)
  5. Masks must be worn, and a social distance of 2 m must be maintained at all times.
  6. Alternate rinks will be used for play. On odd dates (1st, 3rd, 5th etc) rinks 1, 3, 5 and 7 will be used on each green;  on even dates rinks 2,4,6 and 8 will be used.
  7. We don’t expect that there will be waits for a green to play on, but we may have an online booking form up and running should system to facilitate this for us should we require it.
  8. Currently we are allowed to meet with one other bubble, but only outdoors.
  9. Please, everyone’s health is the priority here so it’s important that we maintain these requirements.

But how exciting!

We’ll let you know as soon as we have a more definitive answer to when our Triples days can start up again. Any queries please call me

Margie Sorensen / Club Captain

PS  For those who have bowls inside the clubhouse please call me and we can arrange a ‘click and collect’ arrangement…  again with no access to the clubrooms.

Kia takaro tatou maita – Let’s play bowls!

Big thanks Tino mihi nui to Leeann, kaitākaro (player) Ngati-Whatua-Orakei  for translating terms and words relating to our sport as part of Maori Language Week 2021. Leann looking forward to Wednesday pārekareka maita (fun bowls) starting up again soon! Share your Māori Language Moment!

It could be as easy as greeting everyone you see with ‘kia ora’ when you go to the gym and saying good morning to your teammates with “mōrena” if you’re lucky enough to be in Alert Level 2.

Groundsperson Wanted

Kohimarama Bowling Club is seeking a Groundsman/Caretaker to maintain and present their carpeted greens and environs, and act in a security role after hours. The successful person will be able to take occupation of a 3 bedroom on-site cottage. We have enjoyed over 12 years with our incumbent contractor, who has worked on our Club with great pride and who leaves us with one of the best-presented clubs in Auckland.

The role is a part-time one and may suit a contractor looking to extend his/her business.

Please submit

Please find more information on this role on TradeMe.

Enquiries and applications before 30 June 2021 to The Club Captain

February Winners

What a month! The Men’s Pairs Club Competition (Sat 6 Feb) saw Mark Compton add his name to the board again, but with a newly minted first year bowler, Jim Jericevich as his partner. Our club has a great pool of Juniors and we have made a commitment to having our 1-5s on the greens in club competitions as soon as possible. Their on-the-greens bowls education is matched with etiquette, rules and coaching so they can be confident entering local tournaments. Jim was introduced to bowls as a student in Kohi’s Lawn Bowls 101 programme, Oct 2020 . He jumped into the weekly social nights which led to membership. Jim shared, ” I joined KBC in December 2020. From my first involvement with the Club I have found everyone to be extremely friendly and inclusive. To play a club championship match paired with a more senior player, not only made for a more even playing field and thereby competitive matches, but was invaluable in terms of learning strategy and etiquette.”  The Runners Up team of Trevor Kent and Ross Forrester was also a 1-5 Yr partnership. We are looking forward to more fun and great results from you, gentlemen!

The day for the Women’s Triples Club Competition (13-14 February) dawned calm and clear, offering perfect conditions for play in the contest for the Club Championship Triples title.

This year saw a good field, with an excellent mix of youth and experience in almost every team.  There was immense support though for the team of first year players who showed their grit and held their own against two far more experienced teams.  By the end of the first day we had our two finalists: – Margie Sorensen, Yvonne Green and Bev Callingham with two lives remaining; and Liz Burton, Lorraine McDonnell and Sue Jerram with one.

As in all contests between Liz and Margie, the competition was fierce, but certainly well-natured.  The teams were very well-matched after a shaky start where Margie’s team headed out to a great start, only to see it whittled away, one point per end, end after end, until Liz’s team gained the advantage.  And then the lead changed end by end, with a great deal of intensity, right up to the 17th when Liz drew a perfect shot to equal the score.    A tie-breaker was called for, and a further end played where Liz, Sue and Lorraine moved ahead by 3 points. This resulted in the need for a further game, as each team still held one life.

The second game was very different, with increasing wind across the green. It started in much the same way as the first, with Margie’s team ahead, but Liz’s team then advancing convincingly, demonstrating superior draw shots, and a well-deserved win.. Winners – Liz Burton, Lorraine McDonnell and Sue Jerram Runners Up – Margie Sorensen, Yvonne Green and Bev Callingham   (Report provided by Margie Sorensen, Club Captain)

A Fun Day Out

Edmund Hillary Retirement Village held a different sort of open day on Monday 25 January. 

Local clubs: Carlton Cornwall, Kohimarama, Remuera, Glendowie and St Heliers sent two triples teams to enjoy 3 rounds of 8 ends, and delicious and refreshing morning tea, lunch and post play drinks.  Carlton Cornwall took the top prize.  A resident approached Sales Advisor Becky Gillanders a few years ago and asked her to revive the community tournament after there had been a bit of a gap. The Edmund Hillary Team was formed to join the 5 club teams after Mission Bay Men’s closed. 

Edmund Hillary and Ryman Healthcare like to be involved in the community and this is one way of community involvement. It is a fun day out. Club President Mark Compton shared that “The bowling day is special for KBC as we have several club members who are residents at Edmund Hillary…the event is certainly a great reward for the volunteers who undertake management roles using their spare time.”

If you zoom in on the photos below, you will spot some of our fabulous Kohi Members!


Saturday 19 December, Kohimarama Bowling Club hosted two memorable events. The morning was a tribute to Mary and Leon Idoine, who perished in a vehicle accident on their farm at Pokeno, where they were still working in their mid-ninties. The Idoines were Members and Supporters of KBC for nearly four decades.  Previously planned memorials had been delayed and after Covid restrictions were lifted, the family and the club set the date for the morning of the annual Founders Day Competition.  It was kismet, that 19 December would also have been Mary’s 100th birthday. The family was well represented, recognizing and celebrating the ties that bond through bowls.  Robyn and John, Bruce and Dinah, Beryl and Grant and Malcolm and their sister-in-law Nola Idoine, niece Heather, and great-granddaughter Emily. Our Club Captain Margie Sorensen is also a niece of the couple.

Margie shared the many roles and characteristics the couple held:  Mary was a past president, coach and umpire. Leon had been strong with Mission Bay Men’s and although he joined St Heliers after MBMBC closed, he was a regular fixture at Kohi.  Players will remember they were great competitors and sticklers for the rules of the game.  Known as avid gardeners, it was natural for the memorial to have a garden theme. The family unveiled the inscribed memorial for the garden of remembrance, featuring fragrant rosemary.  A shared lunch and convivial play followed the tribute. Val Parry and Lynley Pritchard were our Founders Day winners.

As one of Kohimarama’s longstanding sponsors and a bowls advocate, Julie Kennedy recognized what the club meant to Mary and Leon, and sponsored the garden of remembrance commemoration.

Women’s Championship Pairs

Fantastic club Women’s Championship Pairs 16-17 January at KBC. In a dramatic final between Val Parry/Jeanine Browne and Liz Burton/Robyn Hames, Val and Jeanine took the 2020-21 title.

The weekend’s Women’s Pairs championship saw a large field entered, including five first year players, which was highly satisfying for the Club’s selector’s as they got to see the competitive talent that we’re unfolding.  Teams included novice duos right up to the very experienced, and with last year’s defending champion’s also in the mix, spectators were treated with a wealth of tight games, and plenty of upsets.  The second day saw  Jill Wood and Lorraine Mc Donnell; Yvonne Green and Sue Jerram; the well-experienced Liz Burton and Robyn Hames (all with one life) and the combination of the calm, collected Val Parry, with talented first year Jeanine Browne (two lives) take to the rinks.  Val and Liz led their respective teams to sound wins, though the quality of games was well worth arriving early to watch.

Then the final.  Thrilling bowls.   Anyone expecting the two Skips (Liz and Robyn), to have the upper hand were seriously misguided.  Robyn’s sure steady hand met her match with the consistent on-the-head lead bowls put up by Jeanine, who demonstrated unequivocally that her first competition was not going to phase her. 

Val and Liz, skipping the two teams, are both well-known for their consistent bowls, and the ability to change the head when required, and provided each other with ongoing challenge after challenge.  The scoreboard crept up, at times surprisingly, with each team at different stages taking a four or a five from the other, and appearing to have the game well in hand, when everything would change again….right up the very end when another tie-breaker was required.  The tension was palpable, possibly more so amongst the spectators.  Jeanine’s first bowl was a toucher, coming to rest directly under the jack; we all know as leads how intimidating that can be!  Each subsequent players’ bowl attempted to either dislodge or protect that position, until Val’s last bowl, giving her and Jeanine three; then Liz had the final shot. A difficult choice of shot to make: a tricky draw through a well-protected head? or a weighted shot to try to move the jack back toward Robin’s back bowls?  Thought. Weighing the bowl.  Bending. Arm back. A drive. A hush, a collective gasp, and…disappointment for her and Robin.  Val and Jeanine won the end, the tie-breaker, and therefore the competition.

Commentary provided by Margie Sorensen

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