Men’s and Women’s Championship Pairs, 17 February

Men’s and Women’s Championship Pairs, 17 February
Men’s Winners:  Mark Compton and Paul Neazor
Runners-up:  Paul Elsmore and Charles Martin
Women’s Winners:  Margie Sorensen and Val Parry
Runners-up:  Robyn Hames and Ngaire Bruce
Fascinating competition today when Ngaire Bruce and Robin Hames played  Val Parry and Margie Sorensen in both the semifinals and the final of the Competition Pairs. Ngaire and Robiyn won the semi comprehensively but because Margie and Val had a second life, a further game was required. The second game saw a complete turnaround with Margie and Val taking the championship in just 16 ends.

Men’s and Women’s Championship Triples, 3 March
Men’s Winners: Paul Elsmore, Charles Martin. Paul Neazor
Runners Up: Mark Compton, James Jellicich, Trevor Kent
Women’s Winners: Joy Boyd, Liz Burton, Margie Sorensen
Runners Up: Jayne Smith, Robyn Hames, Ngaire Bruce

A veritable seesaw of a match had spectators fearing to take bets on the outcome of the final
between Jayne Smith, Robyn Hames and Ngaire Bruce and Joy Boyd, Liz Burton and Margie Sorensen.
Jayne and her team took the early lead, but by the 8th end  the opposition had surged ahead until giving away 5 points, but immediately responding with a 4 on the following end. The two skips forced the scoreboard to favour red then green throughout the match until the final 18th end when Joy, Liz and Margie took 3 more points to take the match.

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