Junior singles week 2 Mon 22 Nov – Sun-28 Nov

There was a lot of action in the Junior Singles league this week, and some outstanding games. Pick of the bunch for mine was the Saturday morning clash between Bev Callingham and Daphne Burrows, which was decided on the 25th end when Bev trailed the jack for three to claim a 21-20 win. I marked that game and it was a high-class contest from start to finish, with both playing extremely well.

There were several other games where one player got off to a good start only to face a strong comeback from their opponent, and many times a lead nearing ten points was no guarantee of safety. The league is now something of a talking point around the club, with plenty of favourable comment on both the enthusiasm for it and the rapidly rising standards on the green.

Which leads neatly to my next point: Entries are now open for the club open singles, which is our premier championship of the year. Given how well everyone is travelling at the moment, and the fact we’re all getting a lot of match-play in when otherwise we’d be limited to Saturday roll-ups, I would like to think that most of our 15 players will put their names up for the championships. I think everyone in our group will be a challenging opponent for anyone, and many are perfectly capable of knocking over more fancied opponents. Not least, it will give us the strongest fields we’ve had in years and this is important for the ongoing growth in club playing strength.

As Auckland moves into the next stage of Covid restrictions, we will find our freedom to play whenever we choose is a bit limited. There are club events on both 4 December (Handicap drawn pairs) and 11/12 December (Singles), which mean the popular Saturday morning slots won’t be available, and commercial events on Friday 3 December, Saturday 11 December (when it collides with the singles rather than us) and Friday 17 December. The commercial events will be given use of A green, and I really don’t like using B green given its wildly different nature, so you may just have to pick your times a little carefully.

We also have Tuesday triples (the ham tournament) on 7 December, followed almost immediately by a round of the 1-5Yr 3Five, which will also feature other clubs. Auckland Bowls has crammed this tournament into two weeks, with play scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday both weeks, or 7, 9, 14 and 16 December. We’ll have to work around that as well.

We’re more than halfway through and there’s already a good list of fixtures made for this week, as I understand it, so we’re tracking well for a big finish on Saturday 18 December, which is also Founders’ Day. That event is two games in the normal roll-up times, so we will be able to play before and afterwards. That’s the day the cross-division games are pencilled in for, and it would be nice if they’re showpiece games on such a day; my initial thought is that we’d have the matches between 4th-th place finishers in the morning and those between the top three in each section after the Founders’ Day games are done.


Paul Neazor

Section 1 results

Jim Jericevich21-1421-1713-2121-18
Peter Haarhaus14-2111-2110-2118-21
Lisa Appleyard17-2121-913-21
Jo Hutchinson21-11 —13-2121-1017-21
Bev Callingham21-1321-13— 21-20
Daphne Burrows18-2121-109-2120-21 —17-21
Ross Forrester10-2121-17 —
Graeme McInnes21-1821-1321-17— 

Section 1 points table

Group 1PWLFADiff
Jim Jericevich43176706
Peter Haarhaus445384-31
Lisa Appleyard31251510
Jo Hutchinson42272639
Bev Callingham33634617
Daphne Burrows5148594-9
Ross Forrester2113138-7
Graeme McInnes33634815

Section 2 results

Paul Neazor— 21-1321-1621-10
Trevor Kent— 21-1221-13
Lynley Pritchard13-21— 19-2116-2121-1714-21
Jeanine Browne16-2112-2121-19— 21-1021-1621-14
Richard Fox13-2121-1610-21— 12-21
Ian Paterson10-2117-2116-2121-12— 
Fiona Matheson21-1414-21— 

Section 2 points table

Group 2PWLFADiff
Paul Neazor33633924
Trevor Kent22422517
Lynley Pritchard51483101-18
Jeanine Browne64211210111
Richard Fox4135679-23
Ian Paterson4136475-11
Fiona Matheson21135350

Games coming up this week

Plenty, on almost every day of the week.

Junior singles week 1

Report submitted by Paul Neazor, 21 Nov

Our new singles league for juniors got away this week, with a fair degree of enthusiasm from the participants and, more to the point, some very good play from all concerned.

Of all the games I saw, the best was between Lynley Pritchard and Jeanine Browne, with Jeanine winning 21-19 after 19 hard-fought ends. Both players had the odd chance to make a break but good pressure bowls tended to limit the damage to one or two. Normally, each end was a stern struggle to get that all-important closest bowl and the margins were often tight. It was a game I thoroughly enjoyed, and the sort of match that augers well for the remainder of the competition.

Because Graeme McInnes, through no fault of his own, couldn’t get an entry in earlier he’s been added to Section 1 and will be in touch with everyone in due course. There will be some good games in that section coming up, so keep an eye out for them.

On that note, could the players let me know when their games are scheduled to take place. There’s growing interest in performances here, not least from the selectors, and if I can advertise the games on the Facebook page all interested parties can be there. It might also help getting a marker, which is something that just makes the game tick along better.

Thanks to everyone for a good first week, which just sharpens the appetite for what is still to come. Results and points tables follow.


Paul Neazor

Section 1

Games coming up this week

Peter v Graeme, Wed 1pm

Peter v Jo, Friday 5.30

Please advise other matches as they’re made

Section 2

Games coming up this week

Trevor v Jeanine, Thursday 4.30

Paul v Ian, Thursday 6.00

Paul v Jeanine, Sunday 3pm

Please advise other matches as they’re made

KBC Sundowner Bowls 3FIVE

Bowls 3Five – Learn to Play

Learn how to the Bowls 3Five format – dedicated to our social and Sundowner Twilight Bowls Tournament teams.

Bowls3Five is the fast format of the game; it’s two bowl triples, with each game played over two sets, and each set consisting of five ends. There are three levels of competition so that everyone interested can have a go.

Depending on the competition you play in, you can face a set number of ends, a shot clock, a tiebreaker, a start time, (unlike the long format of the game) a finish time and potentially a tv crew! Bowls 3 Five aims to fit into busy lifestyles of those finding themselves short on time but still wish to compete in sport and stay active or those who are stepping up to accept the challenge the shorter format provides.

The three different levels are – a social format for twilight competitions, a nationwide interclub competition and the Twilight Bowls 3 Five television league.


  • Each team for a game shall consist of three players of any combination.
  • Each player shall play with two bowls.
  • Each game shall be played over two sets, each set consisting of five ends.
  • The winner of a set will be the team with the highest number of shots after five ends.
  • If the shots are tied at the end of five ends, the set will be a draw.
  • If the game is tied at after the two sets have been completed (each team winning one set or each set has drawn) a one end tie-breaker shall be played to decide the game-winner.
  • At the beginning of the game the teams shall toss a coin, the winner of the toss shall decide which team shall go first.
  • The winner of the first set shall have the mat and first bowl of the second set. If the first set is drawn, then the winner of the last scoring end in that set shall have the mat and first bowl of the second set.
  • In a tie-breaker situation the opposing skips shall toss a coin, the winner of the toss has the option as in 7 above.
  • If the end is killed the jack shall be re-spotted on the 2-metre mark.

More info on Bowls3FIVE

Bowls NZ https://bowlsnewzealand.co.nz/?s=3five

Powerplay: A team is allowed one ‘Powerplay’ end per game.  This is called at the start of the chosen end and if the nominated team wins, they double their points.  Only the team that nominates the PowerPlay will benefit from double points.


  • Teams of three – can be made up of any number of males and/or females
  • Toss a coin or rock, paper, scissors to see what team starts


  • Two bowl triples – three players each deliver two bowls, per end.
  • Two games of five ends.


  • The team that wins the coin toss places the jack and takes first turn.  From then on, first to play is the winner of the previous end.
  • The jack is placed wherever the team wants between the ‘T’ markings (two – eight metres from the ditch). The mat must be placed on the two-metre mark.
  • Teams consist of a lead, second and skip.
  • Play starts with leads on both teams bowling two bowls alternatively
  • This repeats for seconds and then skips
  • If the jack is knocked outside the boundaries of the rink it is re-spotted on the two-metre mark.
  • Closest bowl to the jack wins one point and additional closest bowls from the same team score additional points.
  • Each team has one Powerplay per game. The team that calls the powerplay scores double points for that end, provided they win.  The powerplay is to be nominated before the first bowl of that end.


  • One game of five ends takes about 40 minutes.
  • Substitutions permitted.
  • Bowls will be supplied by the club. Own bowls may be used.


  • Teams with most games won, win the event
  • If tied – see teams with most ends won
  • If still tied – highest points differential

H O W   T O   P L A Y

HOW DOES IT START? Two bowl triples – 3 players each deliver two bowls per end  
WHAT IS ONE GAME? One set of five ends  
WHO GOES FIRST? First to play (decided by coin toss) places the jack and takes first turn. From then on, first to play is the winner of the previous end.  
WHERE DO THE MAT & JACK GO? The jack is placed wherever the team wants within the ‘T’ markings. The mat must be placed on the two-meter mark.  
WHO GETS THE POINTS? Closest bowl to the jack wins one point and additional closest bowls from the same team score additional points.  
POWERPLAY RULE Each team has one Powerplay per game. The Powerplay End must be nominated before the first bowl of the End.  If the team wins the End, their points are doubled for that End only.

KBC Strategic Plan

From the Board – Upcoming for 2022 – Get excited!

A Year of Progress – our Strategic Plan

Published in November 2021 Write Bias

  • Three year plan
  • Vision statement: the most friendly, inclusive and supportive club in the region
  • Greens and surrounds – plans
  • Yr 1-5 Juniors
  • Engaging the community
  • Memberships / Covid
  • Talk Turkey: Thursday 25th November

During lockdown the Board has meet regularly to develop and cement in our three-year Strategic Plan and supporting Marketing Plan.

Big ideas! Big visions! And now big action plans!  We’re building on the sound foundation of friendliness for which KBC is renowned and on the new sense of vibrancy which has been so noticeable over the past couple of years.  We have listened the  wants, needs, thoughts and aspirations conveyed through the Membership Satisfaction survey circulated prior to lockdown.

We envisage ours being the most friendly, inclusive, supportive club in the region so this has become our Vision Statement for the Club. 

We know we will need to be looking at Green A  replacement within the next 3-4 years, and the Club is financially well placed to do so, but in the meantime, we know the club environs must be revitalised if we are to attract a younger membership. Did you know 65% of our Members are juniors …. albeit some are much “older” juniors than others.

Our Y1-5 group is forging a revitalised social element to our club activities, and it is this that is now underpinning our direction.  We have a unique opportunity to attract an increased number of social Members to the game, and to this end are planning to create a vibrant contemporary environment to support this goal.  We want the local community more involved in the Club which will in turn drive our revenues to facilitate future plans.  We have seen how Fun Bowls and Selwyn College Bowls 101 have been embraced… we want more!

To meet the desires of our younger working Members for ‘out of hours’ tournaments  and for those of us who are finding play during the hot summer months increasingly challenging, we’re developing new evening and weekend programmes that will encourage players down to their ‘local club’.  We’re talking casual, relaxed sophistication, fun, congeniality and laughter along with that all important chilled rose or beer on our NEW deck.

Those who’ve been down to the Club over the past week will have noticed we’ve chalked out our new entry and viewing deck on the north-eastern side (the front) of the building.  We have quotes for a large deck and pergola and are currently preparing funding applications to support our expanded and bold membership /community goals.  We see this, along with the revitalisation of the interior, as crucial to the success of increased social membership. We’re aiming for deck completion by the end of first quarter 2022.  We’ll also need to look at a new bar going forward… but let’s start with the deck area. first.

The Board has given a lot of thought around “value for money” we as members receive for our full membership subscription. Going forward we have decided that full Members will not be required to pay for entry to our standard “non-prize” events. This means entry will be FREE to events such as Club Competitions, Sundowner Bowls, Indoor Bowls, and most Social Events.  Conversely the charge for non-members will be increased to offset the revenue loss, and create an increased value for money proposition in becoming a member   We will review this in the future.

We’re excited by our vision for the Club. We are aiming to triple  membership through an increase in activities and a greater opportunity to socialise using our upgraded  facilities.  This will require your help though. We know this is a great Club for everyone pulling together whether it be at an organisational or participation level. Stick around because we are in for an exciting ride!  New planned events and expansion plans  will be rolled out as time and resources permit.

Want to hear more specifics, and contribute your ideas?

Come and chat with Jim and Margie on Thursday 25th November at 5.30 pm. (weather permitting as we’ll need to be outside; or Jacinda permitting if we’re allowed to chat inside).

Margie Sorensen

Club Captain

09 578 0773 | 027 274 2745

Club Updates – Shirts, Opening Dates, Covid Access

Following are recent email communications

5 November 2021
Subject: Special offer on our new shirts for Opening Day

Good afternoon Everyone

Even though I’ve spent 3 hours on the green today, playing and coaching,  I know that already a chunk of our playing calendar has passed with little hope of resurrecting some of the events (We have committed to playing our singles and pairs championships as opportunity presents).

We’ve also have a boxful of new Club shirts available for us to wear for our new season .

So after considering an idea from Anna (thanks Anna), and to help offset the time lost on the greens, we have decided to offer our current stock of new shirts at just $10 each. 

There are some provisos:

 Offer applies to the shirts we currently have in stock (not to any future orders)

  • Offer only available to current financial full members; one shirt per member
  • Payment of $10 must be paid directly to KBC bank account 03-0263-0140857-00 before uplifting shirt
  • First in first served….  So the first deposits (please put your name as the reference )  into the bank account will be the ones to pick their sizes, styles first
  • Please email me asap after your deposit with your size and style preference.  If you’d to try a shirt on, please txt me 0272742745 and we’ll arrange. (We have to do it at my place as we’re not allowed access to the clubrooms)

 We know that this is a little random, but as pricing has increased we believed that this would be the best way to manage this process.

 With our first club Day coming up next Thursday, it’d be fabulous to have everyone in their new Club shirts!

We have a range of men’s and women’s sizes, with both short and long sleeves.

Margie Sorensen

Club Captain 027 274 2745


Wednesday, 3 November 2021
Subject: Wahoo ! Our first Club Days of the Season… and results of the vaccination Survey

Well.  Your Board has just met via Zoom (we’ve had so many over the past 11 weeks) to discuss the latest government edict concerning the level of activity we’re allowed, and looking at how that interfaces with the results of the Vaccination Survey we’ve just been analysing.

So, the Survey – Key Results

After four days we have 37 respondents, which is only 73% of the total membership, but the results to date are interesting:

  1. 75% of members are already engaged and playing or practicing (or intending to come in next few days) down at the club…. There is invariably someone there when I pop down
  2. 8% won’t come down unless they’re comfortable everyone is vaccinated
  3. 100% of respondent members were fully vaccinated
  4. 8% don’t want us to restrict play to those who are fully vaccinated
  5. 92% do want us to restrict play to vaccinated players
  6. Several have concerns about the mechanics of restricting non-vaccinated people into the Club

As a result, the Board has defined a Policy, for the moment, as the Covid-19 animal seems to one that is constantly moving and re-shaping itself:  From today

All people, including players, spectators, officials, employees, tradespeople and helpers,

entering the Kohimarama Bowling Club grounds, facilities, and environs

must be fully vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus.

We have not made this decision lightly, and have been guided by your responses, and the very high rates of vaccination in the Kohimarama/St Heliers/ Glendowie and wider Eastern Suburbs areas . We are aware that there may be those with medical exemptions and of course we will respect those.  We deeply regret that there may be some who have not yet responded to the survey that find themselves now apparently excluded.   Please, if this affects you do talk to either me or Mark about it so that we can find a way to make things easier for you.

We have also started hammering out how we can make the vacc certification process simple and easy for those who’re organising events .. especially Sandra and Bev.  (I’ll call you both tomorrow)

Club Opening (with no Opening Day???)

Yaaay.. we can start to play, but restrictions still mean that we’re unable to celebrate a formal Opening Day.  However, next Thursday 11th November will see our first Club Day.  We’re allowed to use the Clubrooms for the use of WC facilities only; we must sign in with the Tracing app; we can use sterilised mats and jacks, retain 2m distancing and wear our masks.  So here are our plans for the coming week…

Because we are permitted to have only 25 people maximum, the first 24 to register by telephone on the matchroom line  (09) 528 4057 will be the lucky ones to play

Could you please register for play ON THE DAY OF PLAY, up until a half hour prior to start of play.   This will mean that you’ll need to register for each day, on the day that you wish to play.

Thursday 11th November              10am – 12 noon.  Club Day

Saturday 13th November               1.00 pm – 3.00 pm Club Day

Wednesday 16th November         5.30 pm – 7.30 pm plus fish and chips  Fun Bowls for KBC members only

Please call matchroom by 30 mins prior to start register your play.

Special deal for those wanting to front up in their new Club shirts.  Details to follow in new email

Feeling very excited to get going at last

Best wishes

Margie Sorensen

Club Captain / 027 274 2745


Sent: Sunday, 31 October 2021
Subject: Juggling all the Covid Bowls

Good evening All

Woah.  So many decisions for us to be making with regard to the way we operate our club.

We have been fielding many questions (as have all bowling clubs) about whether or not we’re planning to require our players to be vaccinated before playing at the Club.  The Board is obviously having to consider the many perspectives of our members before we make our decision, notwithstanding that the decision may be only a temporary one – as the Covid playing field (pun unintended) is so constantly changing.

The key factors under greatest consideration are:

  1. Ensuring we maintain our legal obligations
  2. Keeping our members and visiting players safe
  3. Ensuring the long-term viability of our club: both financial and in terms of member support. We recognise that we have some members, some long-standing, feeling very cautious on several levels, and we don’t want to lose our loyal members and friends.


  1. Bowls New Zealand are requiring all those playing at National competitions to be fully vaccinated, but they have no control over individual clubs.  However, it makes sense that if vaccination is required for Nationals, then it will also be required for Regionals, and therefore each club will need to create a mandate to fit with it’s strategic plan in terms of desire to compete at regional level.
  1. The Government’s new traffic light system specifies the following:
    1. If only people with a vaccination certificate can use your facility, then under Green, Orange and Red there are no significant limitations to running your bowling club.
      1. If you choose this option, then any staff/volunteers/contractors (including F&B) will need to be vaccinated.
  2. If people without a vaccination certificate can use your facility, then:
    1. under Orange and Red, your facility will have significant restrictions this summer, including an inability to provide normal Food & Beverage hospitality.
    1. under Green your bowling club facility will be able to play bowls and enjoy the bar, but will have some H&S limitations (numbers, distancing).
  1. This clearly effects our ability to host competitions and tournaments and create revenue to keep us financially afloat.  We must decide which factors are the most important to us as a Club, so that we can make the decision that sits comfortably for the majority of our members. 

Please can you complete the survey at this link, https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PC5QJM9 so that you can guide us.  We’d like your response as soon as possible, please.  Your responses are completely unidentifiable so therefore confidential and as always, I’ll get back to you with the results.

Get Rolling – Level 3 access to Kohi greens for Club Members from 6 October

4 October 2021

At last, from Wednesday morning !

For those of us itching to get back onto the rinks, we’re ready to roll, albeit with some restrictions.

It is important that every person using the club greens meets our responsibilities under the Covid-19 restrictions, and your use of the greens denotes your agreement with these provisions.  This means:

  1. Access is for KBC members only
  2. There will be NO access to clubrooms, toilets and equipment shed.
  3. Every person is responsible for using their Tracer App and ensuring that they log in each visit to the greens.  This is a legal imperative. We regret that because there is no access to the Clubrooms, only those using the App will be able to play.
  4. Players must bring their own hand sanitiser, and jack and mat ( we suggest a tennis or golf ball, and perhaps a teatowel for the mat.)
  5. Masks must be worn, and a social distance of 2 m must be maintained at all times.
  6. Alternate rinks will be used for play. On odd dates (1st, 3rd, 5th etc) rinks 1, 3, 5 and 7 will be used on each green;  on even dates rinks 2,4,6 and 8 will be used.
  7. We don’t expect that there will be waits for a green to play on, but we may have an online booking form up and running should system to facilitate this for us should we require it.
  8. Currently we are allowed to meet with one other bubble, but only outdoors.
  9. Please, everyone’s health is the priority here so it’s important that we maintain these requirements.

But how exciting!

We’ll let you know as soon as we have a more definitive answer to when our Triples days can start up again. Any queries please call me

Margie Sorensen / Club Captain

PS  For those who have bowls inside the clubhouse please call me and we can arrange a ‘click and collect’ arrangement…  again with no access to the clubrooms.

Kia takaro tatou maita – Let’s play bowls!

Big thanks Tino mihi nui to Leeann, kaitākaro (player) Ngati-Whatua-Orakei  for translating terms and words relating to our sport as part of Maori Language Week 2021. Leann looking forward to Wednesday pārekareka maita (fun bowls) starting up again soon!

https://fb.me/e/2CHStYNWj Share your Māori Language Moment!

It could be as easy as greeting everyone you see with ‘kia ora’ when you go to the gym and saying good morning to your teammates with “mōrena” if you’re lucky enough to be in Alert Level 2.

Kohi Juniors

Keen on the Green

Saturday 3 April 2021 – A day of Ohs, Wows and Aaghs came on a day of perfect autumnal weather that heralded our – Junior Championship.  Many of our newest players gave the Club notice: we’re not just making up the numbers.

The success of our first years has paid testament to time that our coaching team have been putting in, and particularly to the dedication of those who spend hours on the greens to practice their new skills. The second round saw many upsets, and put pressure on the more experienced players to up the ante in the third round if they wanted to be one of the finalists.

Trevor Kent and Paul Neazor brought their experience to the green and provided a Men’s final to reward spectators with highly competitive heads, and a demonstration of some good bowling.  Right to the final end, in a game of ups and downs, the contest was never a given. Congratulations to Paul Neazor who took the final end, and the Men’s award.

The Women’s final brought together the experience of 2020 Champ Lorraine McDonnell and the fresh aggressive approach of new bowler Jeanine Browne, winner of the 2021 First Year Singles last weekend. Theirs was another closely fought match that even till the final bowl, looked to go either way…and it went Jeanine’s way, by 1 point.  A superb outing for a very promising new bowler.   The Club would like to congratulate all those who participated. We are feeling very enthusiastic about our future with some excellent bowling demonstrated today. Congratulations!

Report submitted by Club Captain Margie Sorensen

Groundsperson Wanted

Kohimarama Bowling Club is seeking a Groundsman/Caretaker to maintain and present their carpeted greens and environs, and act in a security role after hours. The successful person will be able to take occupation of a 3 bedroom on-site cottage. We have enjoyed over 12 years with our incumbent contractor, who has worked on our Club with great pride and who leaves us with one of the best-presented clubs in Auckland.

The role is a part-time one and may suit a contractor looking to extend his/her business.

Please submit

Please find more information on this role on TradeMe.

Enquiries and applications before 30 June 2021 to The Club Captain

February Winners

What a month! The Men’s Pairs Club Competition (Sat 6 Feb) saw Mark Compton add his name to the board again, but with a newly minted first year bowler, Jim Jericevich as his partner. Our club has a great pool of Juniors and we have made a commitment to having our 1-5s on the greens in club competitions as soon as possible. Their on-the-greens bowls education is matched with etiquette, rules and coaching so they can be confident entering local tournaments. Jim was introduced to bowls as a student in Kohi’s Lawn Bowls 101 programme, Oct 2020 . He jumped into the weekly social nights which led to membership. Jim shared, ” I joined KBC in December 2020. From my first involvement with the Club I have found everyone to be extremely friendly and inclusive. To play a club championship match paired with a more senior player, not only made for a more even playing field and thereby competitive matches, but was invaluable in terms of learning strategy and etiquette.”  The Runners Up team of Trevor Kent and Ross Forrester was also a 1-5 Yr partnership. We are looking forward to more fun and great results from you, gentlemen!

The day for the Women’s Triples Club Competition (13-14 February) dawned calm and clear, offering perfect conditions for play in the contest for the Club Championship Triples title.

This year saw a good field, with an excellent mix of youth and experience in almost every team.  There was immense support though for the team of first year players who showed their grit and held their own against two far more experienced teams.  By the end of the first day we had our two finalists: – Margie Sorensen, Yvonne Green and Bev Callingham with two lives remaining; and Liz Burton, Lorraine McDonnell and Sue Jerram with one.

As in all contests between Liz and Margie, the competition was fierce, but certainly well-natured.  The teams were very well-matched after a shaky start where Margie’s team headed out to a great start, only to see it whittled away, one point per end, end after end, until Liz’s team gained the advantage.  And then the lead changed end by end, with a great deal of intensity, right up to the 17th when Liz drew a perfect shot to equal the score.    A tie-breaker was called for, and a further end played where Liz, Sue and Lorraine moved ahead by 3 points. This resulted in the need for a further game, as each team still held one life.

The second game was very different, with increasing wind across the green. It started in much the same way as the first, with Margie’s team ahead, but Liz’s team then advancing convincingly, demonstrating superior draw shots, and a well-deserved win.. Winners – Liz Burton, Lorraine McDonnell and Sue Jerram Runners Up – Margie Sorensen, Yvonne Green and Bev Callingham   (Report provided by Margie Sorensen, Club Captain)

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