Why Bowls?

You mean besides that it is heaps of fun?!

There are plenty of reasons you need to stop by Kohimarama Bowling Club and have a go at this great sport, like:

IMG_2616Absolutely everyone can have a go

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what your background is or even what your physical abilities are… every single person can grab a bowl and have a go out on the green.

How about if you’ve had an injury from playing other sports? Even then, most people can still bowl. In fact, playing bowls can be a great way to keep active, involved with a club and can help to gently keep your body moving (just make sure you check in with your doctor first).

Surprisingly, it’s great for your health

It may seem, and is, fairly low impact, but playing lawn bowls is fantastic for muscle toning and strengthening, stress relief and hand-eye coordination when played regularly.

20171101_183131(0)It’s something a bit different

Who wants to be a ‘sheep’ doing just what everyone else is doing? Not us!
Chances are lawn bowls is something you haven’t done before, or haven’t done in awhile – so it’ll be a unique outing! Because it’s something different, we think it’ll be an outing you’ll remember and one you’ll want to do repeat.

It won’t break the bank

All of the events we hold are very low cost, mostly around $5-$20 per event. Even if you decide to become a member our annual fees work out to be less than $1 a day!



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