KBC Strategic Plan

From the Board – Upcoming for 2022 – Get excited!

A Year of Progress – our Strategic Plan

Published in November 2021 Write Bias

  • Three year plan
  • Vision statement: the most friendly, inclusive and supportive club in the region
  • Greens and surrounds – plans
  • Yr 1-5 Juniors
  • Engaging the community
  • Memberships / Covid
  • Talk Turkey: Thursday 25th November

During lockdown the Board has meet regularly to develop and cement in our three-year Strategic Plan and supporting Marketing Plan.

Big ideas! Big visions! And now big action plans!  We’re building on the sound foundation of friendliness for which KBC is renowned and on the new sense of vibrancy which has been so noticeable over the past couple of years.  We have listened the  wants, needs, thoughts and aspirations conveyed through the Membership Satisfaction survey circulated prior to lockdown.

We envisage ours being the most friendly, inclusive, supportive club in the region so this has become our Vision Statement for the Club. 

We know we will need to be looking at Green A  replacement within the next 3-4 years, and the Club is financially well placed to do so, but in the meantime, we know the club environs must be revitalised if we are to attract a younger membership. Did you know 65% of our Members are juniors …. albeit some are much “older” juniors than others.

Our Y1-5 group is forging a revitalised social element to our club activities, and it is this that is now underpinning our direction.  We have a unique opportunity to attract an increased number of social Members to the game, and to this end are planning to create a vibrant contemporary environment to support this goal.  We want the local community more involved in the Club which will in turn drive our revenues to facilitate future plans.  We have seen how Fun Bowls and Selwyn College Bowls 101 have been embraced… we want more!

To meet the desires of our younger working Members for ‘out of hours’ tournaments  and for those of us who are finding play during the hot summer months increasingly challenging, we’re developing new evening and weekend programmes that will encourage players down to their ‘local club’.  We’re talking casual, relaxed sophistication, fun, congeniality and laughter along with that all important chilled rose or beer on our NEW deck.

Those who’ve been down to the Club over the past week will have noticed we’ve chalked out our new entry and viewing deck on the north-eastern side (the front) of the building.  We have quotes for a large deck and pergola and are currently preparing funding applications to support our expanded and bold membership /community goals.  We see this, along with the revitalisation of the interior, as crucial to the success of increased social membership. We’re aiming for deck completion by the end of first quarter 2022.  We’ll also need to look at a new bar going forward… but let’s start with the deck area. first.

The Board has given a lot of thought around “value for money” we as members receive for our full membership subscription. Going forward we have decided that full Members will not be required to pay for entry to our standard “non-prize” events. This means entry will be FREE to events such as Club Competitions, Sundowner Bowls, Indoor Bowls, and most Social Events.  Conversely the charge for non-members will be increased to offset the revenue loss, and create an increased value for money proposition in becoming a member   We will review this in the future.

We’re excited by our vision for the Club. We are aiming to triple  membership through an increase in activities and a greater opportunity to socialise using our upgraded  facilities.  This will require your help though. We know this is a great Club for everyone pulling together whether it be at an organisational or participation level. Stick around because we are in for an exciting ride!  New planned events and expansion plans  will be rolled out as time and resources permit.

Want to hear more specifics, and contribute your ideas?

Come and chat with Jim and Margie on Thursday 25th November at 5.30 pm. (weather permitting as we’ll need to be outside; or Jacinda permitting if we’re allowed to chat inside).

Margie Sorensen

Club Captain

09 578 0773 | 027 274 2745

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