Club Updates – Shirts, Opening Dates, Covid Access

Following are recent email communications

5 November 2021
Subject: Special offer on our new shirts for Opening Day

Good afternoon Everyone

Even though I’ve spent 3 hours on the green today, playing and coaching,  I know that already a chunk of our playing calendar has passed with little hope of resurrecting some of the events (We have committed to playing our singles and pairs championships as opportunity presents).

We’ve also have a boxful of new Club shirts available for us to wear for our new season .

So after considering an idea from Anna (thanks Anna), and to help offset the time lost on the greens, we have decided to offer our current stock of new shirts at just $10 each. 

There are some provisos:

 Offer applies to the shirts we currently have in stock (not to any future orders)

  • Offer only available to current financial full members; one shirt per member
  • Payment of $10 must be paid directly to KBC bank account 03-0263-0140857-00 before uplifting shirt
  • First in first served….  So the first deposits (please put your name as the reference )  into the bank account will be the ones to pick their sizes, styles first
  • Please email me asap after your deposit with your size and style preference.  If you’d to try a shirt on, please txt me 0272742745 and we’ll arrange. (We have to do it at my place as we’re not allowed access to the clubrooms)

 We know that this is a little random, but as pricing has increased we believed that this would be the best way to manage this process.

 With our first club Day coming up next Thursday, it’d be fabulous to have everyone in their new Club shirts!

We have a range of men’s and women’s sizes, with both short and long sleeves.

Margie Sorensen

Club Captain 027 274 2745


Wednesday, 3 November 2021
Subject: Wahoo ! Our first Club Days of the Season… and results of the vaccination Survey

Well.  Your Board has just met via Zoom (we’ve had so many over the past 11 weeks) to discuss the latest government edict concerning the level of activity we’re allowed, and looking at how that interfaces with the results of the Vaccination Survey we’ve just been analysing.

So, the Survey – Key Results

After four days we have 37 respondents, which is only 73% of the total membership, but the results to date are interesting:

  1. 75% of members are already engaged and playing or practicing (or intending to come in next few days) down at the club…. There is invariably someone there when I pop down
  2. 8% won’t come down unless they’re comfortable everyone is vaccinated
  3. 100% of respondent members were fully vaccinated
  4. 8% don’t want us to restrict play to those who are fully vaccinated
  5. 92% do want us to restrict play to vaccinated players
  6. Several have concerns about the mechanics of restricting non-vaccinated people into the Club

As a result, the Board has defined a Policy, for the moment, as the Covid-19 animal seems to one that is constantly moving and re-shaping itself:  From today

All people, including players, spectators, officials, employees, tradespeople and helpers,

entering the Kohimarama Bowling Club grounds, facilities, and environs

must be fully vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus.

We have not made this decision lightly, and have been guided by your responses, and the very high rates of vaccination in the Kohimarama/St Heliers/ Glendowie and wider Eastern Suburbs areas . We are aware that there may be those with medical exemptions and of course we will respect those.  We deeply regret that there may be some who have not yet responded to the survey that find themselves now apparently excluded.   Please, if this affects you do talk to either me or Mark about it so that we can find a way to make things easier for you.

We have also started hammering out how we can make the vacc certification process simple and easy for those who’re organising events .. especially Sandra and Bev.  (I’ll call you both tomorrow)

Club Opening (with no Opening Day???)

Yaaay.. we can start to play, but restrictions still mean that we’re unable to celebrate a formal Opening Day.  However, next Thursday 11th November will see our first Club Day.  We’re allowed to use the Clubrooms for the use of WC facilities only; we must sign in with the Tracing app; we can use sterilised mats and jacks, retain 2m distancing and wear our masks.  So here are our plans for the coming week…

Because we are permitted to have only 25 people maximum, the first 24 to register by telephone on the matchroom line  (09) 528 4057 will be the lucky ones to play

Could you please register for play ON THE DAY OF PLAY, up until a half hour prior to start of play.   This will mean that you’ll need to register for each day, on the day that you wish to play.

Thursday 11th November              10am – 12 noon.  Club Day

Saturday 13th November               1.00 pm – 3.00 pm Club Day

Wednesday 16th November         5.30 pm – 7.30 pm plus fish and chips  Fun Bowls for KBC members only

Please call matchroom by 30 mins prior to start register your play.

Special deal for those wanting to front up in their new Club shirts.  Details to follow in new email

Feeling very excited to get going at last

Best wishes

Margie Sorensen

Club Captain / 027 274 2745


Sent: Sunday, 31 October 2021
Subject: Juggling all the Covid Bowls

Good evening All

Woah.  So many decisions for us to be making with regard to the way we operate our club.

We have been fielding many questions (as have all bowling clubs) about whether or not we’re planning to require our players to be vaccinated before playing at the Club.  The Board is obviously having to consider the many perspectives of our members before we make our decision, notwithstanding that the decision may be only a temporary one – as the Covid playing field (pun unintended) is so constantly changing.

The key factors under greatest consideration are:

  1. Ensuring we maintain our legal obligations
  2. Keeping our members and visiting players safe
  3. Ensuring the long-term viability of our club: both financial and in terms of member support. We recognise that we have some members, some long-standing, feeling very cautious on several levels, and we don’t want to lose our loyal members and friends.


  1. Bowls New Zealand are requiring all those playing at National competitions to be fully vaccinated, but they have no control over individual clubs.  However, it makes sense that if vaccination is required for Nationals, then it will also be required for Regionals, and therefore each club will need to create a mandate to fit with it’s strategic plan in terms of desire to compete at regional level.
  1. The Government’s new traffic light system specifies the following:
    1. If only people with a vaccination certificate can use your facility, then under Green, Orange and Red there are no significant limitations to running your bowling club.
      1. If you choose this option, then any staff/volunteers/contractors (including F&B) will need to be vaccinated.
  2. If people without a vaccination certificate can use your facility, then:
    1. under Orange and Red, your facility will have significant restrictions this summer, including an inability to provide normal Food & Beverage hospitality.
    1. under Green your bowling club facility will be able to play bowls and enjoy the bar, but will have some H&S limitations (numbers, distancing).
  1. This clearly effects our ability to host competitions and tournaments and create revenue to keep us financially afloat.  We must decide which factors are the most important to us as a Club, so that we can make the decision that sits comfortably for the majority of our members. 

Please can you complete the survey at this link, so that you can guide us.  We’d like your response as soon as possible, please.  Your responses are completely unidentifiable so therefore confidential and as always, I’ll get back to you with the results.

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