Get Rolling – Level 3 access to Kohi greens for Club Members from 6 October

4 October 2021

At last, from Wednesday morning !

For those of us itching to get back onto the rinks, we’re ready to roll, albeit with some restrictions.

It is important that every person using the club greens meets our responsibilities under the Covid-19 restrictions, and your use of the greens denotes your agreement with these provisions.  This means:

  1. Access is for KBC members only
  2. There will be NO access to clubrooms, toilets and equipment shed.
  3. Every person is responsible for using their Tracer App and ensuring that they log in each visit to the greens.  This is a legal imperative. We regret that because there is no access to the Clubrooms, only those using the App will be able to play.
  4. Players must bring their own hand sanitiser, and jack and mat ( we suggest a tennis or golf ball, and perhaps a teatowel for the mat.)
  5. Masks must be worn, and a social distance of 2 m must be maintained at all times.
  6. Alternate rinks will be used for play. On odd dates (1st, 3rd, 5th etc) rinks 1, 3, 5 and 7 will be used on each green;  on even dates rinks 2,4,6 and 8 will be used.
  7. We don’t expect that there will be waits for a green to play on, but we may have an online booking form up and running should system to facilitate this for us should we require it.
  8. Currently we are allowed to meet with one other bubble, but only outdoors.
  9. Please, everyone’s health is the priority here so it’s important that we maintain these requirements.

But how exciting!

We’ll let you know as soon as we have a more definitive answer to when our Triples days can start up again. Any queries please call me

Margie Sorensen / Club Captain

PS  For those who have bowls inside the clubhouse please call me and we can arrange a ‘click and collect’ arrangement…  again with no access to the clubrooms.

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