Community Organisation – Treasurer

Position Available Kohimarama Bowling Club

The role is a part-time one and may suit a retired accountant or similar. Applications to Club Vice President:

Bowling Club Job Description – Treasurer


  • To administer the financial affairs of the club including the provision of regular monthly reports as required by the executive committee and the production of the annual audited Statement of Accounts for presentation and distribution to members
  • Accounts for presentation and distribution to members

Reports to:                                        

  • The President and executive committee

Principal duties:                              

  • Collect and account for all monies due to the club including the reconciliation of the club’s bank accounts. Ensure accurate recording procedures are in place for the receipting of all income.
  • Advise members of the annual subscription levies  (email invoices by 1st June KBC year runs (1st July – 30th June)
  • Bank and arrange to have banked all monies received by the club
  • Make timely payments to all club creditors
  • Prepare all IRD returns relevant KBC’s GST is on a 6 monthly basis.
  • Receive monthly bar stock assessments.
  • Attend the executive meetings and present a financial report detailing:
  • the analysis of monies received and payments made during the month (P & L printout – month and year to date)
  • cumulative year to date figures  (Balance Sheet Print out)
  • details of creditors to be paid, obtain executive approval
  • details of all bank balances
  • Invoice in a timely manner all club debtors, including sponsors, advertisers and others
  • Maintain floats for bar, raffles and tournaments  (each area keep their floats separate)
  • Receive income from all trading aspects and from catering, championship and tournament sources
  • Be one of the signatories to the clubs bank accounts
  • Prepare, and present at the AGM, a financial report in conjunction with the Club Auditor
  • After adoption at the AGM, ensure a copy of the report and financial statements are delivered to the Companies Office
  • Identify and train at least one person as a backup

Success indicators:                              

  • timeliness and accuracy of financial information   
  • Successor identified and trained


  • To co ordinate the diversification of the Club investments when they mature
  • To inform the Selectors and Match Committee of any members who are not financial prior to the start of competitions

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