Kohi Juniors

Keen on the Green

Saturday 3 April 2021 – A day of Ohs, Wows and Aaghs came on a day of perfect autumnal weather that heralded our – Junior Championship.  Many of our newest players gave the Club notice: we’re not just making up the numbers.

The success of our first years has paid testament to time that our coaching team have been putting in, and particularly to the dedication of those who spend hours on the greens to practice their new skills. The second round saw many upsets, and put pressure on the more experienced players to up the ante in the third round if they wanted to be one of the finalists.

Trevor Kent and Paul Neazor brought their experience to the green and provided a Men’s final to reward spectators with highly competitive heads, and a demonstration of some good bowling.  Right to the final end, in a game of ups and downs, the contest was never a given. Congratulations to Paul Neazor who took the final end, and the Men’s award.

The Women’s final brought together the experience of 2020 Champ Lorraine McDonnell and the fresh aggressive approach of new bowler Jeanine Browne, winner of the 2021 First Year Singles last weekend. Theirs was another closely fought match that even till the final bowl, looked to go either way…and it went Jeanine’s way, by 1 point.  A superb outing for a very promising new bowler.   The Club would like to congratulate all those who participated. We are feeling very enthusiastic about our future with some excellent bowling demonstrated today. Congratulations!

Report submitted by Club Captain Margie Sorensen

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