Women’s Championship Pairs

Fantastic club Women’s Championship Pairs 16-17 January at KBC. In a dramatic final between Val Parry/Jeanine Browne and Liz Burton/Robyn Hames, Val and Jeanine took the 2020-21 title.

The weekend’s Women’s Pairs championship saw a large field entered, including five first year players, which was highly satisfying for the Club’s selector’s as they got to see the competitive talent that we’re unfolding.  Teams included novice duos right up to the very experienced, and with last year’s defending champion’s also in the mix, spectators were treated with a wealth of tight games, and plenty of upsets.  The second day saw  Jill Wood and Lorraine Mc Donnell; Yvonne Green and Sue Jerram; the well-experienced Liz Burton and Robyn Hames (all with one life) and the combination of the calm, collected Val Parry, with talented first year Jeanine Browne (two lives) take to the rinks.  Val and Liz led their respective teams to sound wins, though the quality of games was well worth arriving early to watch.

Then the final.  Thrilling bowls.   Anyone expecting the two Skips (Liz and Robyn), to have the upper hand were seriously misguided.  Robyn’s sure steady hand met her match with the consistent on-the-head lead bowls put up by Jeanine, who demonstrated unequivocally that her first competition was not going to phase her. 

Val and Liz, skipping the two teams, are both well-known for their consistent bowls, and the ability to change the head when required, and provided each other with ongoing challenge after challenge.  The scoreboard crept up, at times surprisingly, with each team at different stages taking a four or a five from the other, and appearing to have the game well in hand, when everything would change again….right up the very end when another tie-breaker was required.  The tension was palpable, possibly more so amongst the spectators.  Jeanine’s first bowl was a toucher, coming to rest directly under the jack; we all know as leads how intimidating that can be!  Each subsequent players’ bowl attempted to either dislodge or protect that position, until Val’s last bowl, giving her and Jeanine three; then Liz had the final shot. A difficult choice of shot to make: a tricky draw through a well-protected head? or a weighted shot to try to move the jack back toward Robin’s back bowls?  Thought. Weighing the bowl.  Bending. Arm back. A drive. A hush, a collective gasp, and…disappointment for her and Robin.  Val and Jeanine won the end, the tie-breaker, and therefore the competition.

Commentary provided by Margie Sorensen

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